Market Potential

As China’s economy has grown over the last decade, with annual GDP growth of between 6% and 13%, the financial services sector has also grown 15.9% , resulting in there being a significant gap between the supply and demand for specialists in the financial services sector.

This gap in supply and demand may be illustrated as follows:
The number of job vacancies released by in the first quarter of 2014 demonstrates that China’s demand for professionals increased by 18% on a year-on-year basis, among which the financial sector had the highest growth.

Employment opportunities in the sector are likely to grow

In addition to the evidence of there being a gap between supply and demand, the Directors believe that the demand for financial services specialists will continue to grow given that the number of persons engaged in the sector in China is significantly below the numbers employed in mature economies. The China Year Book for 2011 estimated that the number of persons engaged in the financial services sector amounted to approximately 9 million amongst a population in China of approximately 1.3 billion, representing just 0.66% of the population compared to other international financial centres such as London, New York and Hong Kong where those employed in financial services make up more than 5% of the whole population employed.